3strand_gif2Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil…a threefold cord is not quickly broken. (Ecc. 4.9-12)

Legacy Church is grateful to be a part of the 3Strand Church Network. As a new church plant we are joined with these other like minded churches because we realize we are stronger together.

The 3Strand Network is a covenanted cooperative of churches that exists in order to strengthen the local church and plant churches.

The three components of our 3Strand mission are Covenant, Communion, and Commission:

1. COVENANT: 3Strand churches covenant together in solemn agreement. This covenant defines our relationship and helps to guide our shared decision-making. By covenant then, we unify around a common identity (see core values), common belief (see doctrinal statement), a common mission, and a common philosophy of ministry. This commitment binds the elders of member churches together in a mutually accountable relationship characterized by loyalty, courage, respect, humility, and forgiveness.

2. COMMUNION: 3Strand churches work to build gospel community in and between their churches. This is an intentional effort to emphasize the existence and glory of the larger Church family outside of our own individual churches. Gospel Community is accomplished through joint events, conferences, retreats, and other cooperative ministries. Our goal is to model a mutual dependence on “one another” as church families in the same way we are commanded to do as individual brothers.

3. COMMISSION: 3Strand churches go on mission together by developing leaders, sending missionaries, and planting churches. The board of 3Strand, representing our respective elder boards and churches, serve as an apostolic team similar to what we find in the book of Acts. This team exists to affirm the local church as the initiating, commissioning, and sending authority for mission.

Simply stated, there is strength in numbers. By uniting as local churches, we can be stronger than we are as any single local church.