Jesus is our King.

Jesus Christ is the true Pastor, Shepherd, and Leader of Legacy Church. While it may seem obvious or even cliche to insist that any discussion of church leadership begin with the centrality and preeminence of Jesus, sadly many churches omit Him from their organizational charts altogether. The Scriptures are clear that:

And it is ultimately Jesus who closes churches down when they have become faithless or fruitless (Revelation 2:5). Therefore, it is absolutely vital that a church, especially its leadership, love Jesus, obey Jesus, imitate Jesus, serve Jesus, and follow Jesus at all times and in all ways, according to the teaching of His Word (Colossians 3:16).

Legacy Church is an elder led, congregational affirmed church.

We use the terms pastor and elder synonymously. The pastors of a church are to lead the community of faith as servants that love and serve the local church. We understand the role of the pastors is to lead from within and along with the congregation. As members of the church, it is the job of the pastors to serve the community by leading from Jesus’ word in preaching, teaching, discipleship, and equipping the church for the work of the ministry. We believe that a biblical model of eldership is one in which the pastors of the church, regardless of role or staff position, have equal authority in the service of the community and that a church is to be lead by a plurality (multiple) of elders.



Brian MacSwan | Lead Pastor

Email: brianm@legacybellingham.com
Facebook: facebook.com/bmacsurf



Mark Iblings | Pastor

Email: marki@legacybellingham.com